Solar Benefits

Solar Benefits

There are many great reasons to go solar. Here are a few we at Kootenay Solar believe are important:

Reduce or eliminate your electric bills

1. Reduce or eliminate your electric bills

One of the biggest benefits to installing a solar PV system on your home or business is a significant reduction in your monthly energy bills. A roof or ground mount system can offset your energy bills from 20 to 100 percent. In addition, British Columbia offers a net metering program. This allows any excess power that you produce to flow back into the grid, which is added to your utility bill as a credit.

Earn a great return on your investment

2. Earn a great return on your investment

Solar arrays provide an average 4-7% annual ROI, which is a great addition to your investment portfolio.

Why not pay yourself instead?

Protect against rising electricity rates

3. Protect against rising electricity rates

Electricity continues to become more expensive. In BC, for example, over the last 20 years, energy rates have risen by an average of four per cent per year. Projections ensure that it will continue to rise, which means your electricity bills will keep going up. As well, the Clean BC Act is mandating that all vehicles and home heating and cooling systems must be electrified. Solar systems protect you from rising costs because instead of buying power from the utility companies, you are producing and in effect owning and stabilizing your own electricity costs. As the price of power increases, the payback of your solar array will only get better as well.

Increase your property value

4. Increase your property value

Solar PV systems add value to your home by reducing your property’s monthly electricity bills. They also add monetary value. Buildings with solar PV systems can increase property value by up to four per cent and industry reports indicate that they spend less time on the market. So you’ll recoup your investment if you stay or if you decide to sell!

5. Protect the environment

Solar power is 100 percent clean, renewable energy. Unlike natural gas, coal or propane, solar panels emit no greenhouse gasses during their power production lifecycle, which can last up to 40+ years! By choosing solar, you are making a positive contribution to the environment and showing leadership in reducing our collective carbon footprint.


The final product, including the phone app and website to monitor electricity generation by individual panels in real time is outstanding. We’d highly recommend Kootenay Solar!

Chris and Wendy L.

I get to offset my energy bill and take advantage of all the sunshine Kimberley gets! Great system!

Shane T.

Best investment I ever made especially now with the government Green Energy Grant – the Federal government reimbursed me $5,600. This local company does excellent work and I highly recommend them!

Bob W.

This is a big investment and we felt that our questions were answered, even if we ended up asking them twice, and that our emails were responded to promptly. Overall 5 out of 5 stars!

Joyce D.

The clarity and ease of the project, installation and overall experience with Kootenay Solar was excellent!

Pieter S.

We had our 17 panel system installed in July and by Dec. 31st we had generated 2,360 kWh – gotta love it!

Bob N.

Love what you folks have done for me. No power bills. No carbon tax. Free fuel for my EV. Not to mention the increased value in my home. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house with no power bills. A no brainer. Doug L.

Doug L.

My hydro bill was a mere $65 for the summer, even with the air conditioning on full tilt and five people in the house! Thank you solar panels!! Thank you Kootenay Solar Power!

Heather M.

Everyone at Kootenay Solar was easy to understand and more than willing to help, even when we called the wrong person. We are very satisfied with the installation and the company.Friends who were visiting us saw our solar system layout, and they then purchased a system from the same company on our recommendation.

Ken & Brenda P.

Everything was really great! From the initial quotes, to answering all of our questions, to the final install. We felt taken care of and secure in our decision to use your company.

Laurel G.

I appreciate being able to do things by email/online and that process was easy and efficient. All the staff were knowledgeable and friendly!

Kyla L.

We have been very happy with the installation and the service we received. We are happy to refer Kootenay Solar to our friends and family.

Ron & Mary Ann J.

We were really happy with our experience with Kootenay Solar. Hannah was especially good, working hard and keeping us informed of what she was doing. She was both professional and personable and we enjoyed working with her.

Lonnie M.